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tv   13 News 11 Weekend  ABC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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good evening and thanks for joining us the snow has moved out the bitter cold temperatures are coming in and they will be getting colder as we move through the weekend in store is tracking the drop from the weather letting that dry brine we are looking at some very cold air set to move in on the backside of the storm system across the snow and
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roads and see the storm system as it's moving off towards the so we're looking at some clearing across the area but some bitterly cold air is set to move in later tonight into the next couple of days but if you snowfall totals to have a few more coming up the main weather center but franklin newport news and soften those areas picked up nearly two inches of snow fall towards hasan gloucester county just over an inch and inch up in williamsburg again on some other numbers coming up in the main weather segment but the big story now turns to cold air said the move in with high pressure located across missouri canadian air will be moving and an over the next couple of days were looking at highs ten to twenty degrees below normal cold start to the week details on that and some bitterly cold wind chills coming up just a few minutes and thank you the combination of freezing temperatures and wet roads could make for some danger spots across the area to her is out with the mobile weather led to new state and local crews have been at work
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potential danger already pre cold out there right in here with the other team used a mobile weather lab and it certainly is cold out here small thirty degrees now the wet road conditions and bitter cold temperatures could make for some slick road conditions and the da spokeswoman tells us crew spent the day trading ramps and bridges with salt and brine now they don't anticipate problems overnight but crews will be on standby in case there is trouble and cdot crews spent the day making sure the roads in north carolina were ready for drivers put ryan down and bridges and a number of intersections now because it has been unseasonably warm until now and cdot officials say the supplies for treating roadways are plentiful so norfolk city crews will be out until midnight reading any trouble spots and they will have crews on call overnight now for others and erode cities including port smith a similar situation
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case the media comes up levin or fate to her thirteen news now a missing boy in newport news is home tonight police said eleven year old a week edwards family reported him missing this afternoon officers were the air at six they found him safe around seven o'clock was a big thankyou to everyone who shared his picture on social media. a man is in jail charged in a deadly quadruple shooting took place in gloucester county this morning. sheriff's deputies arrested eighteen year old john winner of hampton today he's accused of murdering one person her in three other people in the ware neck section of the county to her takes us through the events that led up to the rest will go with whatever happened it was supposed to be a fun night for trevor wilson when he showed up at a party at house in gloucester county sheriff's deputies in the area. turns out they were investigating in nearby
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people three were injured one died a dozen neighbors who took those that happen down the street so we didn't know so nervous at the party the person killed a good friend of wilson's the accused shooter eighteen year old dijon winner of hampton. deputies say they received three separate calls about the incident the work area near the road and the only caller described a chaotic scene when deputies got there the phone the person who died inside a car or on the same time the second call came in saying they were victims near knowles country store the owner tells us investigators say the victims flagged down and got a right to where is this world that people found at a store near passed out when did the third and final call came from a house that was nearby the girl showed up there and told the caller her friends had been shot wilson others who were at the party see the person who died in waiter knew each other and were
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best friends their bathrooms to use is not the racism are usually artists and have fun in morocco with each other in gloucester county. she knew her thirteen years now police and federal agencies shut down a drug ring that brought more than a ton of marijuana in hampton roads are partners in the virginian pilot say that fernando copeland troy johnson and denzel johnson are all charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana related operations stretch from two thousand nine until september of last year according to court documents copeland brought the drugs in the area troy johnson oversaw the distribution and denzel johnson worked as a dealer three american contractors missing in the middle east the united states working with the iraqi government on what one official says is a possible kidnapping and as the snow moves out bitter cold temperatures and wind chills are settling in on
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. in the state department is working with the iraqi government to locate three missing american contractors in iraq's capital city. local media in baghdad report the americans had been kidnapped u s embassy confirmed the contractors were missing one official said their disappearance is being treated as a possible kidnapping officials said there was no indication anyone witnessed the kidnapping as more information comes out we will bring a tear here and online search and rescue crews continue to look for twelve marines who have been missing since the helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii last week. marines from states across the country including texas missouri pennsylvania oregon and minnesota are heroes went down off of one whose north shore on thursday the coast guard says crews have expanded the search area
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the marines the cause of the crash is under investigation for the first time this year the three democratic presidential hopefuls took to the scene to beat state secretary of state hillary clinton senator bernie sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley faced off tonight in south carolina. some of the issues they address gun violence health care and minimum wage. well now the snow has moved out the cold air is set to move ins on the coldest air we've seen in quite some time we're talking wind chills down into the single digits coming up as we head into tomorrow night into early tuesday of each of them and track everything here with future cast first satellite and radar showing the storm that brought us snow and rain exiting off towards the east pretty rapidly and all that cold air is set to move in skies are starting to clear out a love for mainly clear skies here as we head to the overnight hours and lots of sunshine the next few days but certainly some cold temperatures. this is very
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i showed last night talking about why we would see the snow in the rain i said from the roanoke rapids to franklin to northern suffolk right here the nature of bt and monitor merrimack know it was eastern shore will be with the rain snow line with accumulating snows north of there little farther south and east and that meant that places like southern parts of western chesapeake around western branch of the norfolk and portsmouth picking up some snow that we didn't quite expect was that some would mix in the we saw some minor accumulations even hear the part and often that happens here the station the northern suffolk picking up nearly two inches of snow in about an inch down towards the downtown area in rolling back towards franklin wakefield around two inches of snow enough to push in the newport news up in the gloucester saying about two inches of snow an inch in williamsburg a niche in the southern tip there of gloucester county around hayes will be more up towards the eastern shore mainly on grassy surfaces when it's a little bit of some slush on some of those roadways and with it after dropping later tonight we could see some issues with some slick spots out there. the dot is on top of things but will be watching very closely
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the wind chills as we head to the overnight hours with winds picking up now the northwest is going to feel much colder than what the air temp to show by some by tomorrow morning if you're out early for any kind of more luther king day observations. temperatures will be in the quantities but wind chills will be in the teens on nineteen degrees at seven am tomorrow will feel like twenty degrees in chesapeake sixteen in newport news sixteen and franklin even twenty four dollars the city and twenty two the day by three pm wind chills only around twenty to twenty five degrees and then tomorrow night that's when the really cold there will be moving in and we're looking at when chosen to be down to the single digits as we start things on tuesday morning as the kids are back to school we're looking at some bitterly cold wind chills to start the day on tuesday as we go through the day by noon when chills in the teens and really getting above twenty degrees for when she'll go into the afternoon session very cold temperatures and very cold wind chills coming up over the next couple of days we do have the clouds
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out thirty three degrees right now in office with wins of the southwest and six mph this was weeping about the northwest later tonight we'll see an overnight low around twenty seven degrees with clearing skies winds gusting up to thirty mph and tomorrow only a high of thirty two degrees but those wind chills around twenty to twenty five with winds gusting to thirty five mph so very blustery day tomorrow with martin luther king holiday despite lots of sunshine tomorrow night down to eighteen degrees with mainly clear skies with those wind chills in the single digits. those gusty winds continuing tomorrow night will still be breezy on tuesday as well as the high temperature of only thirty degrees in fields and plains to the afternoon forty degrees on wednesday forty four thursday to fifty on friday and another coastal storm. give us some rain possibly mixed with a changeover to snow friday night in this saturday's temps to drop back into the forties so we might be dealing with some more winter weather as we head into next week and will be watching that closely but for the next
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bundle up and take it easy out there with cool temperatures right weather for temperatures to keep us as we get to next weekend are coming up on sundays for special the afc and nfc title games are said brian smith
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i members of the southern christian leadership conference which was founded by dr martin luther king junior honored civil rights leader in newport news today the group shared pictures from the annual parade in marsh people from throughout the community attended the event many other groups will be honoring king tomorrow as people mark the mlk holiday. whether you have a holiday off or you'll be heading to work. we invite you start your day with everyone on the thirteen years now at daybreak team they will have all your news weather and traffic began bright and early at four thirty in the morning. that would do it for the two of us for now prices up next with a sunny spore special before he
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pictures you share with us today at home always like seeing those bundle up had a
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]i :im the pressure builds
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now set highlights from taking the broncos against big ben the steelers cam newton the panthers held russell wilson and the seahawks at bay. back native talked about why he's calling it a career for major league baseball college hoops the virginia cavaliers with tallahassee against the seminoles we have to see another guy on the sunday sport special or high water bridesmaid than welcome to the sunday sports pets we begin with the nfl playoffs the afc and nfc championships are officially set we begin with the afc side and the pittsburgh steelers they were in a good one with the denver broncos a good matchup of teams and great quarterbacks who have three super bowl titles between the both of them. we take a look at the tail it a backdrop asperger and still is they've had their troubles they've lost four of their last six to the brothels
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